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Available CRMe Dashboards

About CRME Dashboards

CRMe Dashboards provide users with a big-picture view of how climate impacts a specific topic or application. Each dashboard is not intended to provide a detailed portal to all available information that has been computed in CRMe, but rather to hit the highlights that are most relevant to the given topic. Through intuitive visualizations and tools for exploring the data, users will eventually be able to undertake rich exploration of the climate impacts for a given theme or topic.

For more comprehensive data exploration of CRMe-computed datasets, users are invited to use the CRMe Viewer or the detailed search capability provided by the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) search interface.

The CRMe Dashboards are implemented in modern html5, Javascript, php, and jQuery. To use the viewer, you must be using a modern browser (e.g., Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher and/or recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari). You must also have Javascript enabled.

Please keep in mind that the CRMe Dashboards are an experimental product. Please pass along any feedback to Jonathan Vigh (