HMT West 2010 Objective Verification

Traditional Verfication calculated by the MET Grid-Stat tool. Spatial Verfication calculated by the MET MODE tool. Please visit for more information.

Region Key:
FULL - entire domain;
CNRFC - CNRFC region;
Lake Tahoe - HUC4 Region 1605;
South Central CA - HUC4 Region 1803;
North Central CA - HUC4 Region 1804;
South West CA - HUC4 Region 1805;
North West CA - HUC4 Region 1806;
HUC4 = USGS HUC4 watershed regions

Please visit our Eval Description page or the WWRP/WGNE Joint Working Group
Verification FAQ
page for a
description of each Verification

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