HWT/DTC 2011 Evaluation - Evaluation Techniques

Traditional Verification Techniques

For this collaboration, the DTC will be employing the use of the Model Evaluation Tools. Specifically, for Traditional Verification, we will be using the Grid-Stat tool, which provides verification statistics for a matched forecast and observation grid. All of the forecast gridpoints in the region of interest are matched to observation gridpoints on the same grid. All the matched gridpoints falling inside a verification masking region defined by the user are used to compute the verification statistics. The Grid-Stat tool functions in much the same way as the Point-Stat tool, except that no interpolation is required because the forecasts and observations are on the same grid. However, the interpolation parameters may be used to perform a smoothing operation on the forecast field prior to verifying it. The output statistics generated by Grid-Stat are largely the same as those generated by Point-Stat.

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