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Testbed Collaborations

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In support of the overarching objective to test and evaluate new models and techniques for use in research and operations, the DTC periodically participates in collaborative partnerships with other NOAA Testbeds. NOAA Testbeds have an overarching goal to accelerate the improvement of high-impact weather forecasting capabilities that significantly affect the lives and property of U.S. inhabitants (Learn more about NOAA Testbeds). DTC partnerships with NOAA Testbeds provide opportunities to make significant progress toward key goals within the DTC's current focus areas (Mesoscale Modeling, Hurricanes, Data Assimilation, Ensembles and Verification). By partnering with other NOAA Testbeds, the DTC is able to connect with cutting edge NWP techniques and research, whereas the other NOAA Testbeds benefit from the DTC's extensive testing and evaluation expertise and infrastructure.


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