VDM+ Dataset | Download the dataset

Welcome to the download page for the Enhanced Vortex Data Message (VDM+) Dataset

In order to download the VDM+ Dataset, we ask that all users take a few minutes to review and agree to a Data User Agreement and a separate License Agreement that follows. Once these steps are completed, there will be a short registration form to fill out. The information collected will allow us to track various metrics of data usage -- having such information is quite useful in helping us to understand how the dataset is being used and to find support to update and improve the dataset in the future.

During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to sign up to receive updates about the VDM+ Dataset. Please sign up, as this will be our way to keeping you apprised of important changes to the VDM+ Dataset, including if any important errors are discovered, or if new versions become available.

    To begin the registration process, please enter your e-mail address*:  

*NOTE: You must be able to receive email at the email address that you provide, otherwise you will not be able to complete the registration process. If you are affiliated with a university, government agency, company, or non-profit organization, you must use your institutional email address (e.g., the email address that you have through that entity). If you are an unaffiliated researcher, please contact the email address below for further instructions.

Please direct comments and questions regarding the VDM+ Dataset to ral-tcdp@ucar.edu.