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References for the FLIGHT+ Dataset

The content for this page is not yet finished. When complete, it will provide guidance on how to cite the FLIGHT+ Dataset, as well as references that users may find useful when citing the FLIGHT+ Dataset in scholarly works. In most cases, it should suffice to include a citation to one or two of the most relevant papers.

How to cite the FLIGHT+ Dataset

When data from the FLIGHT+ Dataset are used in a scholarly article or presentation, we request that you provide a data citation to the FLIGHT+ Dataset. The suggested format for a data citation is:

             Vigh, J. L., N. M. Dorst, C. L. Williams, D. P. Stern, E. W. Uhlhorn, B. W. Klotz, J. Martinez, H. E. Willoughby, 
                  F. D. Marks, Jr., D. R. Chavas, 2020: FLIGHT+: The Extended Flight Level Dataset for Tropical Cyclones 
		  (Version 1.3). Tropical Cyclone Data Project, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Research 
		  Applications Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado. 
             [Available online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.5065/D6WS8R93.] Accessed* dd mmm yyyy.

where * dd mmm yyyy is the date which you last accessed the dataset (e.g., 25 May 2020).

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