QSCAT-R Dataset | Data sources

Data Sources

The QSCAT-R dataset is developed from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) QuikSCAT tropical cyclone ocean near-surface (z = 10 m) wind vector database, which is a special version of Version 3 of the complete global QuikSCAT dataset. The JPL database is optimized specifically for tropical cyclones and subsets the global data into storm-centered files for all times at which the QuikSCAT swath passed sufficiently close to the storm center. The optimization employs a neural network algorithm to increase accuracy and remove rain contamination in wind speed estimates, particularly at high wind speeds.

In addition to wind vector data, the JPL database also includes rainrate and cloud liquid data on the same grid. Estimates of a quantity proportional to rainrate (not accurate for absolute rain rates) are calculated based on brightness temperature measurements from the SeaWinds radiometer aboard the QuikSCAT satellite. Furthermore, JPL has added to the database collocated cloud liquid content data from the SSM/I passive microwave radiometer at all gridpoints and times where data are available.

NASA JPL has created a user-friendly portal for viewing their raw QuikSCAT database here: http://tropicalcyclone.jpl.nasa.gov.

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